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silver-and-gold-coventina-II-earrings1Deborah Blythe 04 31 05 1822265
Silver and Gold Coventina II Earrings

Made from solid Sterling silver that curls and flows these Handmade Coventina II stud Earrings are named after the goddess of water. These very striking earrings are made from 2 pieces of highly polished Sterling silver linked by a small ring. For added interest the earrings are a mix of Sterling silver and gold plated Sterling silver. They measure 5.8cms and the linking rings allow the earrings to move fluidly like water.  The gold plating is an extra thick 3 microns of 18 carat gold for lasting wear.

Deborah's passion for swimming and the restorative power of water began as a child living by the sea. Swimming has been her stress reliever; worries dissolve, spirits lift and is where her best ideas are born.

$279.46 (£ 208.33) -