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Small Wobbly Bits Cord Necklace
Small Wobbly Bits Cord Necklacesmall-wobbly-bits-cord-necklace2small-wobbly-bits-cord-necklace-cords
Small Wobbly Bits Cord Necklace

The Small Wobbly Bits necklace is a gloriously imperfect female body.

As part of the "Wobbly Bits" collaboration between French artist Laetitia Rouget and Deborah Blyth, this bracelet  is crafted in our London studio through the process of lost wax casting.  The body measures 1.5cm and is made from 18 carat gold plated recycled brass, it hangs from an adjustable cord necklace in a range of joyfully bright colours.

Created during the past year, this collaboration aims to celebrate 'joie de vivre', encouraging positivity as we move forward from the recent challenging times. The fabulous wobbly bodies are a reminder to love and embrace our perfect imperfections in all their glory!

A percentage of all sales from this collection will be donated to the charity Women's Aid, who work tirelessly to end domestic abuse against women and children. During the pandemic there has been an increase of 49% in number of calls to the helpline.

Cord Colour

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