The Hera Tsavorite Necklace

The Hera pendant is embellished with 5 glowing green Tsavorites and in true Deborah Blyth style, there are no hard edges. The surface is textured with curling sides and the stones are set in a linear style to compliment the organic irregularity of the pendants.

Hand crafted in our London studio through the process of lost wax casting, the pendant is made from solid 18 ct gold plated Sterling silver. It measures 22mm x 1.8mm with 1.5mm Tsavorites, and hangs from an 18 inch chain.

This square pendant was named after Hera who was the Greek goddess of wisdom. Tsavorite is thought to aid prosperity and vitality and it is often found to be very uplifting.Tsavorites are from the garnet family and are a very striking, sparkling green. Named after the Tsavo National Park in southeast Kenya where it was first discovered in 1968, it is a relatively rare stone, more durable than an emerald and is not normally subject to any type of treatment or enhancement.

$324.17 (£ 241.67) -

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